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Briani 2 years ago
My stepdaughter used walk around in a thong and tank top all the time. I’d tell her that wasn’t right, but she kept doing it. I mean she looked really good though. One day I told her to come here. I bent her over the couch and ate her ass and pussy from behind. She loved it. I did that for about a month. Then one day I fucked her from behind. Best pussy I ever had.
Alexis 2 years ago
I tease my stepdad all the time. It’s so funny. He is such a perv. I walk in hardly any clothes on and always leave my bedroom door open. My mom says it’s not appropriate to walk around half naked. I know he sniff my panties, so sometimes I rub my pussy and cum on them, so he can smell it. I’ve thought about letting him taste my pussy. Just a taste. That would really drive him crazy.
Hanna 2 years ago
Who is the guy??what's his name??
SweatestDreams 3 years ago
I want to suck those titties and eat her out
Best 3 years ago
Best dad
Anonymous 3 years ago
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!
What a freaking hottie! Makes one forget that she's in the industry.
Even the acting was believable!
Bgdk4moms 1 year ago
Looks like my neighbors granddaughter she told me she saw me fucking her grandmother and she wants to see that big dick of mine and suck it
Ass 2 years ago
Y’all are down bad
Lock Up Trump 2 years ago
I'm confused, what was she practicing her handjob skills for?
fucker 2 years ago
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